Stories of Independence: How Ross Singletary of Arcus Capital Partners is benefiting from the freedom to make his own choices

Submitted by Brian.Lavelle on January 10, 2019

[GRAPHIC] Stories of Independence 

[GRAPHIC] How Ross Singletary of Arcus Capital Partners is benefiting from the freedom to make his own choices. 

My wife’s father started his own business when he was in his late 20’s, and I always admired what he had done, but I admired the freedom that he had and, I think, the rewarding nature of what he had done. 

Freedom was a big part of driving this decision. The freedom to do whatever we wanted to do on behalf of clients. Really reporting to no one in management hierarchy. 

And really, we feel only beholden to our clients, and our fellow colleagues at the firm. But not having big brother looking over you with a punch clock and your vacation days counted. It’s tough to put a price on that really.


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