MarketCounsel’s Brian Hamburger discusses legal considerations to help with an advisor's transition


  • Employment Considerations with Brian Hamburger

    Watch video: Brian Hamburger: Employment considerations

    Learn what your exit could look like.
    Your timeframe for leaving, and what information you can transfer between firms, depend on what agreements you might have already signed.

  • Key steps to forming a business

    Watch video: Brian Hamburger: Key steps to forming a business

    Be confident in the process.
    Start by creating a clear vision of what you want your business to become. How many partners will you have? Where will you set up shop?

  • Initial Registration

    Watch video: Brian Hamburger: Initial registration and regulatory compliance

    Make sure your plan is comprehensive.
    Legal counsel can help structure a strategic plan, ensuring that all the essential elements—registration, disclosures, policies and procedures, and client agreements—are considered.


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