Improve your online presence

Understand how to use the digital space to build and deepen relationships

Not so long ago, trusted relationships started with a handshake.

Not so long ago, trusted relationships started with a handshake. But now most potential clients get their first impression of you long before they shake your hand—because they've already looked you up online.2 Financial advisors can use LinkedIn strategically; telling an authentic story about yourself, crafting a powerful profile, and pursuing connections can help you nurture your referral network, help referrals learn more about you, and encourage prospects to seek you out.

This guide provides you with tips to build a compelling online profile:

  1. Establish your personal brand. Stand out to clients and prospects by creating a unique and "sticky" (i.e., memorable) profile. You need to differentiate on a set of characteristics and messages specific to you—not just your firm. Establish or enhance your personal brand using tips from this guide.
  2. Refine your digital profile. The LinkedIn template is designed to help you convert your personal story into a showcase of your professional accomplishments and client approach. Creating a basic profile is easy; you probably already have one. But chances are you could make your profile work harder for you by implementing the simple improvements in the guide.
  3. Cultivate your connections. The bigger opportunity lies in increasing your centers of influence, expanding your sources of new referrals, helping referrals learn more about you, and giving prospects—and new talent—what they need to feel comfortable contacting you. Consider the tactics to expand your network in the guide.

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About 4 out of 5 advisors already have profiles on LinkedIn.1 That's why it's crucial to optimize your profile there.

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LinkedIn is a registered trademark of LinkedIn Corporation and its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries.