Talent and innovation drive RIA performance

Study participants saw tremendous growth in 2021. Yet, these exceptional across-the-board results are not a big surprise. The value proposition RIA firms offer is exactly what many investors want and need during times of volatility and uncertainty. Organic growth was a major driver of overall growth in 2021. Hear from Lisa Salvi on what powered these gains.

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The value of a talent strategy

RIAs are hiring to meet firm growth and client needs. In today's market, having a compelling compensation strategy and well-defined employee value proposition is important. Nontraditional benefits are being used to strengthen a firm’s position when recruiting and retaining staff. Firms are also leveraging rewards beyond base salary to help drive overall firm goals. Hear from Managing Director Lisa Salvi and Business Consultant Jerry Cobb to learn more.

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Challenges sparked RIA innovation and growth

RIA firms experienced remarkable growth last year as they adopted new ways to conduct business. The quick pivot to a virtual model was a challenge, but most firms believe it spurred innovation that will make them even stronger.

So how did firms achieve strong results? They focused on organic growth.

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