Simplify tax-time with digital tools

Why waste valuable time on paper during your busiest time of year? Here are some easy technology solutions to help you work faster and safer this tax season.

Dive deeper into tax time tips with webcasts hosted by our experts and the new Schwab Tax Center in the What can you do next section below.
  • Open and fund last-minute IRAs and other accounts in one seamless transaction with digital onboarding. Take advantage of the fastest and most secure way to open, set up, and fund client accounts in a single, fully digital experience. Learn more about how it works for you and your clients.
  • Make tax payments and process IRA contributions quickly and securely with the Schwab Advisor Center move money tool. You can download the step-by-step guide to walk through the process using the tool. For the most secure method your client can electronically approve the request; or you can generate a pre-filled PDF for client signature. 
  • Track and update the requests and documents you've submitted to Schwab using the Status page in Schwab Advisor Center. The new overview page provides a consolidated view of all recent status updates and alerts, making it easy to review and act on requests from a single location. Download the interactive guide to learn how.
  • Help clients track down their 1099s quickly. Clients with access to Schwab Alliance can download tax forms from the 1099 dashboard, available online or via the mobile app. Have a client who's still not enrolled in Schwab Alliance? Download this visual support guide, which shows you the sign-up process from a client's perspective, so you can guide them through it and answer their questions.
  • Reduce the risk of fraud for your firm and your clients. Tax season is a common time for fraudsters to target advisors and their clients. Make sure you're following cybersecurity best practices and take time to educate your clients with these fraud-prevention tips.

What you can do next

  • Join a live, weekly webcast to see demos of the tools that can help you streamline tax season.
  • Click the "Looking for help?" menu at the top of Schwab Advisor Center pages and choose the Tax Resources tab to be guided through tax season processes such as downloading your clients' 1099s in bulk.
  • Explore Schwab's Tax Center, a resource for advisors whose clients hold accounts that transitioned to Schwab from TD Ameritrade in 2023.

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