Introduction to Client Journey Mapping

Submitted by mark.mcdermott on November 16, 2018

As an independent advisory firm, it’s your top priority to listen to your clients, understand their needs, and provide a first-class experience that delights them and helps them reach their goals. 

But things don’t always go as planned. There could be delays, missed details, and bumps along the way.

If you could better see through your clients’ eyes, you could provide more of a white glove service they expect, elevating you above the competition.  

How can you achieve this?  One great way is through journey mapping.

This client-centered activity allows you to reimagine your firm’s workflows, so you can design a seamless client experience while increasing productivity.

Through the journey mapping exercise, you’ll recognize where your current process may cause unnecessary back and forth and frustration, where a client may expect more handholding, or simply opportunities to streamline or enhance the process.

You may feel you’ve been through this kind of exercise before, but our approach is different. 

You’ll start with a blank page and focus on how your clients are thinking and feeling as they engage with your firm. Then you’ll reimagine the way you work today to raise your efficiency and the quality of service you deliver.  

Let’s explore how the client journey mapping process works.

You’ll collaborate with team members, drawing from as many perspectives as possible, to make sure diverse opinions and voices are heard.

You’ll begin by reviewing one of your existing processes, breaking it down by tasks, so you can see precisely how you’re doing things today.

After you’ve detailed the current workflow and taken a deep dive into how both your clients and staff experience the journey, step by step you’ll work together to brainstorm how it could be improved. You’ll highlight bright spots and address pain points, moving, adding, or discarding steps, and even rethinking who is responsible for the different tasks.

It should be fun. It’s like a game, only here everyone wins.

So now that you know what it will be like, how should you prepare?

Just bring an open mind and willingness to collaborate, and be ready to experience the world from your ideal client’s perspective. That’s it.

Ready to get started?

Then let the journey begin.

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