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Are you an RIA?


Today's students are the future of the RIA industry. Schwab is committed to developing and driving young talent to RIA firms such as yours. Our summer internship program is one of the ways we do this. We designed the eight-week program to provide undergraduate students in financial planning programs with real-life work experience and equip them with a well-rounded understanding of the inner workings of an RIA firm.

Your opportunity

As an RIA and client of Schwab, you have the opportunity to connect with the next generation of RIA industry talent.

  • Host an intern. For interns, the time they spend at an RIA firm office is the highlight of their eight-week rotational program. If your firm is located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and you'd like to host an intern in July, please contact your Schwab Relationship Manager for more details.
  • Meet the interns. We think many high-potential employees of the next generation need to better understand why working for an RIA firm is a worthy career aspiration. Who better to hear from than you or other members of your firm? If you would like to join the interns for an informal roundtable lunch in our Westlake, TX office and share your perspectives and insights, please contact your Schwab Relationship Manager.
  • Hire an intern. Recruit program alumni who are interested in opportunities at RIA firms. We maintain a resume book, and your Schwab Relationship Manager can provide you with more details.

What do RIA interns learn at Schwab?

Through a series of weekly instruction and rotations, interns gain experience in areas such as Schwab's role as a custodian, client service and support, trading support, portfolio construction, and financial planning. The following summary provides a sample of the various rotations and training sessions from our most recent program. Each week is different and has been designed to build upon the lessons of the prior weeks.

Intern orientation & RIA overview

  • Topic
  • Content
  • Topic
    Intern orientation & RIA overview
  • Content
    • Schwab history, strategy, culture, and differentiators
    • Client onboarding and relationship management, client experience and client loyalty
    • Introduction to the RIA model, RIA Benchmarking, and economic model
    • Facilitation and presentation skills, advisor case study exercises, presentations, and discussions with RIAs (ongoing throughout the eight weeks) 
  • Topic
    Advisor Custody and Trading client experience
  • Content
    • overview
    • Quality client experience support call training
    • Introduction to service teams and client experience 
  • Topic
    Schwab Advisor Services™ client support
  • Content
    • Schwab Alliance, eAuthorization, and eSignature
    • Complex and managed accounts, alternative investments, Schwab Charitable, and cybersecurity  
  • Topic
    Technical skills development
  • Content
    • Sessions focused on compliance, risk, and operational due diligence
    • Service with Emotional Intelligence, the power of micro-messages
    • Salesforce training  
  • Topic
    RIA firm on-site experience rotation
  • Content
    • Firm introductions and office tour
    • Overview of firm's operations, business and service models, client experience, and marketing 
  • Topic
    Portfolio consulting & financial planning
  • Content
    • Portfolio consulting overview, construction and financial planning overview
  • Topic
  • Content
    • Interns will conduct team visits and one-on-one trading sessions focused on equities, mutual funds, options, ETFs and trading platforms
    • Technologies®/PortfolioCenter© overview
    • Weekly trading simulations and instructions in Bloomberg Terminal 
  • Topic
    Professional development
  • Content
    • Resume writing, mock interviews and creating a personal brand and social media presence
    • Presentation preparation and practice
    • Effective email communication, networking and consultative skills, and elevator pitch
  • Topic
    Final presentation development
  • Content
    • While the final presentation topic is to be determined, interns will be placed on teams to research and develop innovative ideas that will enable the success of future RIA firms.
    • Collaborate with teammates and subject matter experts to prepare and deliver an engaging presentation to Schwab Advisor Services leadership 

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*This RIA Intern Program Resume Book ("Book") is intended solely for use by independent investment advisory firms that do business with Schwab Advisor Services®. The intern program is designed to help prepare college students for entry into RIA firms upon graduation, but provides no guarantees regarding the capabilities or suitability of alumni for employment. Please be aware of the following limitations:

  • Schwab does not make any representations or warranties concerning any of the interns listed in the Book, including and without limitation, the accuracy or completeness of their resumes or their ability to enter into or fulfill the requirements of any employment relationship.
  • Completion of the program does not confer any certificate, credential, or evaluation on the participating intern, and advisors should not construe their participation and listing in the Book as a recommendation to hire, an endorsement, or a sponsorship by Schwab.
  • You must decide whether to hire any employee and his or her appropriateness for you or your firm.
  • Schwab has not verified the information in any of the resumes and has not performed background checks or other due diligence on the interns with the intent that you rely on it. You should perform your own verifications.

*Schwab does not make any representations or warranties concerning the employers or candidates that list on the Career Opportunity Service, including the ability of any employer or candidate to enter into or fulfill the requirements of any employment relationship or the terms and conditions of employment.

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