Get ready for your interview

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Get ready for your interview

Overview of the process

Our interview process is an opportunity to get to know you—and to help you get to know us. We want to help you feel confident and prepared in sharing your talents with us. Here's what to expect:

  • The first phase will include a 30-minute phone interview with a Schwab Talent Acquisition advisor.
  • Qualified candidates will be invited to a 30-minute phone interview with a Schwab RIA Internship Program team member.
  • Finalists will have the opportunity to speak with two managers of Schwab's Advisor Services Custody and Trading team during a 45-minute phone interview.
  • Formal offers for positions in the program are extended on a rolling basis.

Brush up your interview skills

Consider these tips as you prepare for your interview:

  • You're your best PR! Be ready to summarize yourself and your top accomplishments.
  • Be yourself. There is no "typical" hire at Schwab—we all come from a variety of backgrounds. Be yourself in your interview—we're excited to meet you.
  • Take your time. Don't feel rushed or pressured to respond to questions before you have time to think them through. If you need it, ask your interviewer for a moment to think. And don't be afraid to ask for clarification for something you don't understand.
  • Relax. Although it's easier said than done, you'll perform better if you're relaxed. Our interviewers are friendly, fair, and fun, and they want you to succeed.
  • Remember, internships—like careers—are all about fit. It's just as important that you interview us as it is that we interview you. Come ready with what you want to learn, and what you want out of your experience—we're here to answer your questions, too.
  • Follow up. First impressions are important—but a follow-up email or letter makes a lasting impact. Always send a thank-you soon after an interview.

"I was asked a lot of questions about why I was interested in the industry and what I knew about it. So industry background is important. I don't think a lot of students realize that you really do need to put a lot of work into the interview process."

—Lera Yalysheva
University of Alabama

Career Opportunity Service

Schwab's Career Opportunity Service is a free online employment database that helps financial services professionals in their search for job opportunities in the independent investment advisory industry.

Key Features

  • Easy-to-complete online resume posting 
  • Searchable database of opportunities in the independent investment advisory industry 
  • Message Center to communicate directly with firms with opportunities 
  • Automatic email alerts about new career listings 

Getting Started

Create your listing in less than 20 minutes with three easy steps:

  1. Create a personal access code and provide contact details
  2. Enter information about your firm
  3. Profile your ideal transaction partner

Post Your Resume

Use our Listing Worksheet to help you gather the right information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Things to consider when searching for a career in the RIA industry

It's important to know what you're looking for in an RIA firm. Listen to what these college students want from an employer.