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Mojo uniquely combines machine learning and crowdsourced human intelligence to transcribe, translate and interpret handwritten or typed data enabling 99.9% accuracy with greater speed than ever before eliminating the need to manually enter data into back-office systems:

  • Security. The Shredded Data model removes context, eliminating NPI or PHI enabling Mojo to present data for verification in a way that is impossible for outsiders to steal. It also requires no exposure of a client’s databases or infrastructure.
  • Accuracy. The powerful combination of Machine Learning and multiple layers of human validation deploys a Six Sigma quality standard of 4 defects per million, or 99.9% accuracy.
  • Speed. Mojo utilizes Azure’s service fabric platform to gain on-demand scaling capabilities, and achieve turnaround times impossible before the advent of advanced cloud computing.


About Paperclip Inc

Paperclip is a 30+ year leading technology firm serving Financial Services for Cybersecurity, Content Management, Document eXchange, and Email Encryption.  Offered solutions: SAFE – a black box solution that enables Searchable Encryption enabling Encryption in Use, Virtual Client Folder Content Management, Internet eXpress document eXchange, eM4 Email Encryption that includes E-Signing, and Mojo – a data transcription service using AI/ML and crowd sourcing.

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