Asset Safety at Schwab

Safeguards designed to help protect assets

At Schwab, we are dedicated to the principles of safety and soundness. We take appropriate actions to help give our clients peace of mind about the security of their accounts, adhering to strict internal practices and standards designed to keep client assets safe.

Download our brochure How Client Assets Are Protected at Schwab for an overview of our asset safety and insurance policies.

Long-term financial health

Schwab is committed to staying financially strong, and we have confidence in our ongoing financial health. We run our business with a sound capital structure and a diversified investment portfolio. We maintain a disciplined focus on risk management and operate the firm conservatively to minimize investment risks. We know that our success ultimately depends on how well we serve our advisors and their clients.

Comprehensive measures help protect your privacy and security—today and in the future

Our secure, world-class platform and mobile apps are designed to make it easier for you and your clients to work with Schwab, while protecting client data and assets. Client accounts at Schwab are protected in multiple ways. We have designed and implemented a security program that knits together complementary tools, controls, and technologies to protect client accounts and data. We continuously monitor our systems, and we work collaboratively with government agencies, law enforcement, and other financial services firms to address potential threats. We have a strong culture of risk management.  

Schwab Security Guarantee

To give our clients peace of mind, we provide the Schwab Security Guarantee, which states: Schwab will cover 100% of any losses in any of your Schwab accounts due to unauthorized activity. 

Schwab's commitment to privacy

Recognizing that our most important asset is our relationship with you and your client, Schwab has a privacy policy that applies to consumers who are current or former account holders at Schwab. Our privacy policy explains how we use your information and the strict limitations we place on sharing it with third parties. Details of our approach to privacy and how personal information is collected and used are explained in the Schwab Privacy Policy.

Building winning relationships

Use the "A Winning Relationship" brochure to explain to clients how Schwab works with advisors like you to protect their assets and support their investment goals. It includes an overview of Schwab products and services that support the management of their investments, as well as how we handle our role as custodian to safeguard assets.