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Regulatory readiness: How to attain and maintain a state of exam preparedness

Maintaining a mindset of perpetual readiness is the best way to prepare for an SEC exam. That means that the firm embodies a culture of compliance through its staff training, policies and procedures, client communication, and timely completion of routine compliance tasks. As rules and regulations evolve, having a plan to keep the firm's policies and procedures up to date can help avoid last-minute panic when an exam is scheduled.

RIA structure and governance: A foundation for success, a framework for decision-making

Investment advisors often structure a firm in one of three ways: as a partnership, a corporation, or a limited liability company. This white paper discusses how each type of entity is structured, how they differ from one another, and the various tax implications of each. It also explores common provisions found within the key governance documents, and circumstances that may trigger a special review.

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