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More Control over Fees and Expenses

Submitted by jib.butterworth on September 6, 2017

Becoming an independent RIA can bring you a new level of freedom.

The RIA model provides the potential to keep more of what you earn, take greater control over your business, and manage expenses as you see fit.

Position Yourself for the Future

Starting your own firm or joining an existing firm may ensure you keep more of what you earn as a fully independent RIA while building a better plan for the future.

There are many potential benefits to running your own firm:

  • Keep up to 100% of the revenue you generate
  • Take greater control of profit and losses
  • Manage all financial aspects from reinvestment and rewards to compensation, fees, and office expenses
  • Build equity as you grow, and have the potential to increase your compensation every year until you sell your business

You don't have to start your own firm to have a say in business decisions about things like compensation, expense management, and marketing strategy. Joining an existing firm can give you more stake in the business without sole responsibility for the decisions you make.

More Transparent Costs

As the owner of your own business, you'll have more control over what you pay for, and that can save you and clients money.

You'll have more control over expenses without the mandatory investments in products you don't need. You can avoid unnecessary fees and potentially pass that savings on to your clients, too. Costs are transparent and easy to understand so that you know what you're making, and your clients understand what they're paying.