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Helping You Transition to an RIA Practice

Submitted by jib.butterworth on September 11, 2017

Whether you're joining an RIA firm or starting your own, Schwab is here to support you through the process.

Exploring Your Options

A Schwab business development officer can help you explore options for independence as you decide whether it makes more sense to start a firm or join one. Once you are ready to make the change, our team of conversion specialists can collaborate with you to develop a customized plan for your specific circumstances, ensuring that the transition is fast and hassle-free as possible.

Making the Transition

If you're interested in joining a firm, we'll introduce you to established RIAs that may be a good fit for your career goals. If you're interested in starting your own firm, we can provide referrals to in-house and third-party resources for assistance with establishing an RIA, setting up your physical office space, and developing marketing and business strategies.