Andrea Broughton

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SBK Financial

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Andrea Broughton
SBK Financial
ANDREA: Being an independent RIA was never really even a question. I wanted to work at a place where clients' needs came first. We started day one with four people: We had three partners and one staff. The transition team at Schwab was invaluable.
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Sheila Foley
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SHIELA: Andrea and her team were essentially looking to the next iteration of their business and wanted to focus and really think about where they were going to go as far as the future. So they looked to us to say, "What is it that you can help us do in terms of the thinking through the process?"
ANDREA: They understand our business and they understand the importance of providing our clients with a great experience.
SHIELA: We're helping not only with growth, but we're really helping them in being innovative, in being thought leaders.
ANDREA: They're constantly looking at new ways to make our lives easier.
SHIELA: We wake up every day—this is exactly what we do: We think about our work and how best we can support our clients.
ANDREA: I can say without a doubt that Schwab has made a difference in our growth.
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