Brett Shaver

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Princeton Global Asset Management

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Over 7,500 independent financial advisors of all sizes depend on Schwab. Here's why.
Brett Shaver
Princeton Global Asset Management
BRETT: Being independent, it sounds like you're on your own but it's very far from the truth. My team at Schwab is absolutely as passionate about our business as I am. We know we're aligned completely together to grow our businesses. When we do need to get something resolved, Schwab helps us get it done correctly the first time.
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Joseph Taromina
Schwab Advisor Services
JOE: We actively listen and really—just from end to end—give them that seamless experience, and be consultative with them. And really, if they come to you with an intricate situation, really be able to drill down, roll up your sleeves, and get that situation resolved for the end client and the advisor.
BRETT: They kind of created this category. Seeing the success Charles Schwab has had in the independent advisor space, I think we're very comfortable that Schwab will grow with our firm over time. This is a business that Schwab is dedicated to.
JOE: We're dealing with RIAs' livelihoods; we're dealing with clients' livelihoods. It's important to trust the custodian that you deal with day-to-day.
BRETT: There's enough to worry about in this business. Your custodian doesn't need to be one of them. Schwab is a champion for my independence.
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Charles Schwab
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Charles Schwab is proud to support more independent financial advisors of all sizes and their clients than anyone else.
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