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Stasia Washington

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Submitted by Karthik.Vechalapu on January 8, 2019

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Charles Schwab
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Over 7,500 independent financial advisors depend on Schwab. Here's one.
Stasia Washington
First Foundation Advisors
STASIA: Schwab is always just one phone call away. No matter how early or no matter how late in the evening, I've gotten a response, which allows my clients to sleep at night. We're growing because Charles Schwab is constantly at the table asking questions on what can we do more, better, or less. Because of Charles Schwab, I am much more effective and efficient in my client services. Schwab is the champion for my success.
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Charles Schwab
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Charles Schwab is proud to support more independent financial advisors and their clients than anyone else.
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First Foundation Advisors is not owned by or affiliated with Schwab, and its personnel are not employees or agents of Schwab. This is not a referral to, endorsement or recommendation of, or testimonial for the advisor with respect to its investment advisory or other services. Schwab Advisor Services serves independent investment advisors and includes the custody, trading, and support services of Schwab. Independent investment advisors are not owned by, affiliated with, or supervised by Schwab. ©2017 Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. ("Schwab"). All rights reserved. Member SIPC. (0817-7F0L)

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