Technology trends: Automated investing

Submitted by Brian.Lavelle on August 30, 2019


Andrew Salesky, SVP of Digital Advisor Solutions & Lauren Wilkinson, VP of Digital Advisor Solutions 

Andrew Salesky: A lot of exciting things happening with Institutional Intelligent Portfolios, a lot of great growth but we also feel like we're on the next wave. You know, we're very encouraged because we recently did a survey and roughly about 80% of our clients claim that in the next five years, they're gonna adopt some form of automated, ya know, automated investing, so, describe a little bit what's in the platform. What do clients get?

Lauren Wilkinson: So, with Institutional Intelligent Portfolios, it's an advisor-customizable, fully automated investing solution and it's end to end. So, advisors can create their own branding and logos. They set up portfolios within an advisor console that's linked from Schwab Advisor Center. Once they set up those portfolios, their clients get a fully digital portal that is branded with the advisor. So it's a really nice capability and it also includes automated rebalancing and tax loss harvesting.

Andrew Salesky: Share a little bit of some of the recent enhancements we made and maybe a little bit of what's on tap.

Lauren Wilkinson: So, over the last few years, we have made a lot of improvements to the platform. We added mutual funds and a lot of advisors are taking advantage of that, adding mutual fund families to their models. We also expanded the customization available. So advisors can now create a virtually unlimited number of model portfolios and portfolio options for their clients. We enhanced the onboarding process. Advisors can now initiate that onboarding process for the client when when we first launched, it was initiated by the client directly. Then, most recently, I'm excited to share that we're launching an account conversion option which allows advisors to easily convert an existing Schwab brokerage account into an automated investing solution.

Andrew Salesky: Right and we've heard a lot of interest in that because it's just this simplified process. If I have a more traditional account and I want to, ya know, put it on the automated investing platform, it's literally gonna be a one-click feature versus having to open up a new account. So we're really excited about that capability.

Lauren Wilkinson: So any advisor considering Institutional Intelligent Portfolios, I would really encourage them to talk with their relationship manager who can walk them through the process. We also have regular webcasts dedicated to this topic to really help firms think through the options and how this can fit within their business.

Andrew Salesky: With all these enhancements and the feedback we're hearing from our advisors, we really feel like we're, again, on that next wave of growth and for advisors that are trying to get more information about Institutional Intelligent Portfolios, there's a lot of resources that are out there. So we hope they'll take advantage of those capabilities and check it out if they haven't already. We think it's an exciting platform that's really right for growth.

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