API integration

Submitted by Brian.Lavelle on June 24, 2019
API integration

End-to-end workflows to securely link your systems with essential Schwab Advisor Center tools.

Our deep, end-to-end integration enables access to real-time custody data and workflows from the systems you already use. Our modern API development tools and best practices can be used to build custom experiences within proprietary advisor or technology provider platforms. And we’ll support you throughout the process with help and advice from our dedicated team, who will help to ensure the experience is both high-quality and secure.

Schwab Advisor Center will continue to expand API availability as we evolve key platform features and tools. Current capabilities include: 

  • Real-time account information
  • Alerts
  • Move money
  • Account open
  • Address change
  • Service request submission
  • Single sign-on
  • Trading

Check with your provider to confirm the specific features available. If you’re a vendor who’s interested in integrating directly with Schwab, contact us at integrationsolutions@schwab.com.