Andrew Barnett & Eric Feder, Wealth Creation Management & Transfer

Submitted by aesha.shah on September 11, 2017

[Andrew Barnett
Wealth Creation Management & Transfer]

ANDREW BARNETT:  One of the things that was tremendously exciting for us as we went to the RIA model through the Schwab platform was we were able to go back to our clients and say we’re able to give you a better service offering at a lower cost.

[Eric Feder
Wealth Creation Management & Transfer]

ERIC FEDER:  Despite the upfront expenses that we realized as a result of making the transition, our margins went up significantly. So the realization is the profitability that went into the firm was positively impacted immediately. 

The resources that have been most valuable to us is the service team and their commitment to client service. So if we have an issue that is outside of the standard operating procedures, we know that we can pick up the phone and talk to a resource, whether it’s here in Philadelphia or in Orlando that we can explain our situation to and get some positive response quickly.

ANDREW: The level of independence, entrepreneurship, freedom that we get from this type of business, as well as the… the admiration and true feelings of appreciation from our clients for what we provide to them in terms of the peace of mind that they get is second to none.

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"We were able to go back to our clients and say, 'We're able to give you a better service offering at a lower cost'" 

- Andrew Barnett

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