Eduardo Ramos, Freedom Advisory, LLC

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[Eduardo Ramos
Founder and President
Freedom Advisory, LLC.]

We started with normal amount of assets and we have grown dramatically every year since we started. I believe that the, you know, magic of it is that our clients actually like what they're getting. And so our clients are the ones who are referring us to more clients, and at the end of the day, our business is client-centric. So we have grown tremendously since we started, and it's only the beginning.

Schwab has been a frontrunner in the technology investment. So to the extent that Schwab keeps integrating the different moving parts of this investment arena, it's going to be critical to us, and so that we can then focus into assisting our clients, knowing that Schwab has the back office to support our future growth.

Our approach is a total commitment to our clients because of our total independence. We are a company with an open architecture.  We don't have any vested interest in any particular proprietary approach, so our independence is what we give to our clients. We give independence. We have a fantastic approach in achieving our clients' goals.

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Advisor Eduardo Ramos discusses the benefits of technology and future growth as an independent advisor.

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