Advisor Colin Higgins discusses transition, freedom and growth with Schwab's support

Submitted by aesha.shah on September 18, 2017

For an advisor that’s thinking go independent, it’s really about the freedom to make decisions, not only for the business, but for your clients. 

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At the end of the day, the most important thing to get from a custodian is that level of trust, as well as responsiveness, and we get that with Schwab, without a doubt.  

Having the support of Charles Schwab as our custodian gives us peace of mind, and there’s never an issue. Especially when looking back over the past several years in terms of difficult financial situation, Schwab has been rock-solid for us.

We transitioned over 180 clients, and Schwab was there from day one. They helped us with vendor decisions, in terms of technology, in terms of infrastructure, I think they helped us find space. So they were very supportive from day one. They made this transition extremely smooth and seamless. 

The most exciting thing that has happened since going independent has been the growth. And we started with five employees, and now we have 18 employees and over 700 clients. And so that growth has been phenomenal. It exceeded all of our expectations. 

The best thing about working with our Schwab team is that they understand our business, they’re committed to the growth of our business, and they have a deep experience level and knowledge of how to serve this independent channel.  Twenty-plus years in business serving the independent RIA community, it’s unparelled.

The primary pain points in choosing independence was actually making that decision. But once we made it and committed to it, it was smooth, seamless, and the best decision we’ve ever made.

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Advisor Colin Higgins describes trust, responsiveness and peace of mind having Schwab's support.

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