To build deeper client relationships, go beyond dollars and cents

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[My Independence Day
September 12,2005
Jane Newton
Regent Atlantic]

Well, I'm committed to making a difference in other people's lives, and one of the most rewarding things about my work is seeing the direct impact that I can have on my clients. I am really helping the person directly across the table from me, and that is so rewarding. So the work that I do with our clients goes well beyond the dollars and cents, it goes well beyond managing a portfolio.  It's really about developing deep relationships with our clients and figuring out what's most important to them, and helping them move in that direction to achieve their goals. 

There are a few reasons why I think independent RIA firms are the best for our clients and what they're looking for. First of all, we're totally client-centric. It's all about the client. All of my recommendations and guidance to my clients is driven by their interests, not by mine, not by my firm. The clients' interests come first.

Schwab has shown over and over again that they really understand our industry and our challenges. And those range from not just trade execution and custodial-like things, but they extend to human resources, and talent management, and talent retention, and succession planning, much more strategic areas. 

And I find it really empowering to help people well beyond their investment management, well beyond the things that we typically look at in their financial lives, to help them better their careers, to help them advance to wherever it is they want to go within Wall Street, on to the next thing, making connections. And that really is what gets me jazzed up. So what I try to do is take that responsibility on my shoulders and help them get to where they need to go.

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Advisor Jane Newton of RegentAtlantic talks about how it's empowering to help clients beyond investment management by figuring out what's most important to them.

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