Advisor Leo Arms—Independence and Client-Focused Advice

Submitted by chris.troutman on October 5, 2017

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What drew me to financial services was my ability to work with people and my desire to work with people.

I made the switch to being an employee of a wirehouse firm to starting my own registered investment advisory firm, and that’s because I felt it gave me the most freedom to do the good work for the client. 

And you absolutely never do it to generate the commission. The commission is a side effect of you doing the right thing for your client.

The advice is the most important thing that you offer to your clients. They can get the transaction from many different places. But what you really need to do is have a good relationship with people, listen to what they need, and help them, and offer them advice.

In order to do the best job of offering advice for them, I realized that I had to become an entrepreneur. I had to be in control of the process from point A to point Z. 

In talking to other people who I knew were established registered investment advisors, they all happened to use Schwab.  Schwab is the biggest in the business, and there’s a reason for that, because they do a really good job.

It’s very freeing to not have to answer to anybody other than your clients, because you know that all you want to do is do a good job for them. You do everything in your day-to-day to make your clients’ lives better.

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Advisor Leo Arms describes how the RIA model frees him to give independent client-focused advice.

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