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[My Independence Day
December 31, 1996
Marita Sullivan
JMG Financial Group]

When we decided to go independent, probably our greatest fear was that it wouldn't work. The broker-dealer that we had custodied with when we suggested that we wanted to do this told us that that would never, ever work, and that was in 1996.  So we met Schwab, we ended up moving our assets to Schwab, and it has worked wonderfully.

It's very frightening what can happen to clients over the Internet. We look to Schwab for guidance in this. They have helped us with compliance. They have helped our clients when they were worried about possible identify theft where they kept us informed. They really have helped us with our back room. They also have worked with us on our internal computer programs. And so we very much rely on Schwab and their back offices.

What really makes me empowered is to help clients reach their goals, to be able to look at several different alternatives, and to really help them choose the correct one.

My independence day was December 31st, 1996.

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