Karen McCloskey, Chief Financial Officer, Wealth Advisor, CMH Wealth Management, LLP

Submitted by chris.troutman on September 8, 2017

[Karen R. McCloskey, CFP™, CPWA®
Chief Financial Officer Wealth Advisor
CHM Wealth Management, LLC]

The beauty of being independent really is different for everybody, but, for me, I came out of a very, very large organization, and it was very difficult to operate the way I wanted to operate.

The beauty of being on our own is we set the rules, we figure out what's going to be important, and what are our core values for our company, and we let that guide us.

It gives me a freedom to do what I want, freedom to build the business and provide the services that I think are appropriate at the time. And change if I need to change, and be nimble, and I can tactically change whatever I want to change if it's appropriate. And I don't need to go through layers and layers of management to get approvals. I'm independent. I can do it on my own.

Being an independent advisor really allows me to work with clients the way I want to work with them. I don't have other priorities of the firm. It's my firm and I can set the priorities. And I find in this capacity, I can really get to know my clients and work very closely with them on whatever it is they want to work on. 

It is fascinating, fascinating and very rewarding, because when you can do for clients what they can't do for themselves or don't want to do for themselves in managing their money or helping them make decisions, they are so grateful for that help.

It's easier as an independent, because we have made a commitment by starting a business, by committing our capital and our lives to this industry by creating a platform for clients to be served. And so it is why I get up every morning and go to work, and it is my life's work, if you will, my passion is to come in and help people with their financial lives is something we love.

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In this video, Karen McCloskey of CMH Wealth Management describes why moving to the RIA model has been a positive experience.

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