Independent Advisor Neal Simon talks about achieving success through putting clients first.

Submitted by chris.troutman on October 9, 2017

[Neal Simon
Founder and CEO
Highline Wealth Management]

Highline Wealth Management manages the investments and financial affairs for about 180 families.  We manage about $1.3 billion. 

We started in September '02 with nothing, and our first clients were a former business partner of mine, two good friends of mine, who just thought we were smart and capable.  From there, we did good work and we managed to get some referrals, and the business has grown every single year.

We owe our success more than anything to our dedication of our clients, and taking care of them, and putting them first. The success has followed that.

We chose Schwab for three reasons. Number one, we need a platform that's very open, where we can access almost any investment we want.  Number two is it's inexpensive for our clients to access in terms of custodial fees and trading fees. And, number three, is the ability to access information and pull into our reporting. We really think of Schwab as the market leader and as the best in the industry.

We had Schwab set up a training class here in our office, and we learned a lot about the best way to work with centers of influence, the best way to develop the relationships and cultivate them in a way that result in referrals.

Another part of our growth strategy is bringing on advisors with books of business, and Schwab is aware of that. The local business development officer introduced me to a small RIA in the D.C. area, who we ended up merging into Highline. I wake up every day thinking about Highline can be bigger and better.

Schwab is completely committed to this business. They're not content being the industry leader. They continue to invest in the business, in the technology, in their reporting, in all aspects of it. I think that they're going to be able to grow with us, and with other large RIAs.

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Independent Registered Investment Advisor Neal Simon of Highline Wealth Management talks about building his business, putting clients first and why he chose Schwab.

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