MJ Nodilo, President, Portfolio Manager, Pathlight Investors

Submitted by chris.troutman on October 9, 2017

[M.J. Nodilo, CRPC®
President, Portfolio Manager
Pathlight Investors]

We thought about starting our own firm for several years, and it was a culmination of many things that finally got us over the hump, but at the end of the day, we just really wanted to own and operate our own business. We wanted to have control over what sort of the workplace looked like, who worked for us, what we paid them, how we communicated with clients. And the realization is you have to be in an independent model to be able to have that level of control, and we finally decided to act upon our desires.

Being an independent advisor was very much a freeing experience. Not only walking into your own office and having more control over what you do, but the ability to really create a culture for yourself, your employees, and your clients was something that we didn't have at the big firm. And it's been a great experience for us and something I think that translates to the client experience. 

Literally, hundreds of people I've talked to that have made the transition to independence come back with the same comment, and that is, ‘I wish I had done it sooner.' I feel the exact same way. And although it does come with some discomfort, have confidence in your ability and confidence in your relationships with your clients, and strongly consider the move.

About one year into the business, one of our better clients actually gave us the best feedback we've heard, and that was basically he said, 'This is a better experience for me and I'm glad you did it.'

Since becoming an RIA, I think it's a much more satisfying work life.  There's something really rewarding walking into your own office, seeing the name of your firm on the wall, having your own key to open the door, seeing the people that you want to work with every day there. 

If you're into growing the value of your business, and want to control and own your future, the RIA model is something you should really consider.

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In this video, MJ Nodilo of Pathlight Investors talks about starting his own firm and how "You have to be in the independent model to be able to have that level of control."

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