Amit Stavinsky, Tamar Securities

Submitted by aesha.shah on September 11, 2017

[Amit Stavinsky
Tamar Securities]

I think that the RIA business model is a great model not only from the perspective of what we can do for our clients and the satisfaction we get for ourselves. Economically, we are actually creating value for ourselves.

Now, a year later into the transition, with each additional account we open, the value of our firm is increasing.  I do think that the value that we create is being created, first and foremost, for our clients. We are able to execute better. We are able to bring more products to our clients. 

We were looking for a company that can accommodate our business decisions. We wanted to have a hybrid model, a model that incorporates the RIA model with the broker-dealer model. Schwab understood our needs, fulfilled them completely.  Freedom and technology came together with Schwab.

My advice to individuals that are thinking of becoming an RIA is that don’t be afraid. If you can break through that fear and start correcting everything you know is incorrect where you are at right now, clients at the end will understand, and appreciate it, and will follow with you. And that was my experience. Being where I am today, I do think that the best years are yet to come.

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