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Submitted by Brian.Lavelle on October 2, 2017

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We're revitalized having made the transition. We were able to invite those clients who best aligned with us in what we wanted our practice to look like, which was fee-based.

Our clients were, at first, probably surprised as we were that we decided to go independent.  It was sort of why are you doing this and what does it mean?  And once we explained to them the reasons behind it—better service for us equals better service for you, more clear pricing and easier fee structure, more… more products and services.

I love that we can do more for our clients. It really helps to strengthen our relationship with our clients that we're able to do all of these things for them, and really help them more in their lives than just simply managing their portfolio.

The most rewarding aspect of being independent is knowing that we own our business. We are our brand. 

And at the leading edge of a movement, there is a lot more sharing of ideas and there is a lot more energy, and you're able to really share ideas with one another on how to better service your clients.

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Stephen Korving, Korving and Company, describes strengthening client relationships and transitioning to independence.

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