Advisor Michael Yoshikami discusses his relationship with Schwab.

Submitted by chris.troutman on October 5, 2017

[Michael Yoshikami
CEO and Founder
Destination Wealth Management]

We chose Schwab because we believe they provide the best range of services for us as we serve our clients.  Their reputation is unparalleled in the financial services industry.  

Schwab was founded on a principle that I believe is very similar to independent investment advisors' principles, which is to always put client best interests at heart first.

We think Schwab provides a great solution for our clients.  Our clients trust the Schwab brand. 

Working with Schwab has been a great relationship over these many years. I've been very satisfied with the level of support and service. 

Having a local relationship has been a tremendous help to our business. We have someone here in our community that gives us insight and suggestions on how we can compete successfully.

I always get the impression that Schwab sincerely cares about helping me grow my business.

The challenge that we face that all advisors face is how to deliver better service in a shrinking margin environment.  There's increasing competition, and advisors need to proactively add levels of service to their clients. Schwab has been a great resource for us as we have sought to provide this additional level to our clients.

The great thing about Schwab is that they are not intrusive, they allow us to run our business, but when we need them they're there, and that makes a big difference to our firm.

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Advisor Michael Yoshikami discusses the benefits of the Schwab brand and reputation in the RIA financial services industry.

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