Advisor Donna Zinman talks about trust, relationships and Schwab's support

Submitted by aesha.shah on September 18, 2017

I definitely think Schwab gets the independent advisor business. They produce tools that are completely relevant to our needs. 

[Donna Zinman
Principal & EVP
Capital Advantage, Inc.]

They allow us to be highly efficient and productive, and they really support what we're doing, so that we can continue servicing our clients and building our business.

Schwab's annual industry conference]

Schwab IMPACT provides wonderful networking opportunities. Not only do you have the ability to network with local advisors, but these are advisors from all over the United States, so you really get a very interesting perspective of what other advisors are going through, how they're handling it, best practices.  So from a networking perspective, I really do enjoy Schwab IMPACT.

My relationship manager is fantastic. Anytime I have an issue or a concern that needs to be escalated, he is there to work with me on it.  And he'll share best practices with me and give me terrific ideas, and has really helped me to feel like I'm not alone in managing the company and in driving the business.

When I speak with prospective clients about our relationship with Schwab, their reaction is very positive. Number one, they trust Schwab. Schwab has an excellent reputation and trust is key in the business. And, number two, they know Schwab is financially stable, and that's very important in this day and age.

[Charles Schwab Advisor Services]

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Advisor Donna Zinman describes how Schwab understands her unique needs and tailors service and resources to optimally position her for success.

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