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Condoleezza Rice
IMPACT®2020 agenda

IMPACT®2020―The countdown is on

Gain inspiration from Condoleezza Rice and other prominent thought leaders in two days of live streaming, and two weeks of content on demand. Sharpen your skills, pick up practical insights, and earn CE credits. Early bird rate ends 10/2.

Behavioral finance

Help clients find financial calm amid uncertainty

Emotion seldom points to wise investing decisions, but you can help. Show clients empathy, flag their biases, prepare yourself for tough questions, and customize your communication style. Here's how.

Charitable planning solution for advisors

Why 2020 is a good year for clients to give

Don't wait until the holidays to have charitable planning conversations with your clients. Guide them with tax-smart giving strategies to maximize their generosity while there is extraordinary need.

Eric Rosel

RIAs unscripted: How independence led to growth

Relationships are the bedrock of an advisor’s business. Eric Rosel and Sarah Keys reveal how their client relationships evolved and how that translated into growth.