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Submitted by robert.f.davis on February 14, 2018

Kathy Jones:
These are unusual times in the bond markets and, for many investors, the approach to investing they’ve used in the past may not be working for them now−and with a landscape as vast as fixed income, there’s a lot of information to sort through. It can be hard to figure out what’s worth paying attention to and what isn’t.

Kathy Jones:
At the Schwab Center for Financial Research, our job is to help you break away from the noise in the markets and focus on what’s important to you and how you can meet your investing goals. We have one mission: to bring you timely analysis and insights on what’s going on in the economy and in the fixed income markets. We take an in-depth look at everything from economic trends to Federal Reserve policy to emerging market developments, and we assess how those trends may affect the various sectors of the fixed income markets−whether it’s munis, corporate, or government bonds. We keep a close eye on interest rates and assess how any potential changes might affect your overall portfolio or your retirement plan.

Kathy Jones:
Our goal at Schwab is to empower our clients to make better investing decisions by sharing our perspectives and providing practical guidance. When we talk about fixed income, it’s important to remember that it’s made up of multiple markets, and I’m proud to lead a team of experienced professionals with specialists who understand the complexities of the various markets. We’re dedicated to helping you make informed investing decisions. We work to break down complicated subjects and get to the heart of what we think really matters.

Kathy Jones:
The first rule on my team is to communicate in plain English. No jargon is allowed. Our fixed income commentaries [are] frequently cited by the media, and you can always find the latest viewpoints online and in Schwab publications. As always, our bond specialists are a great source of information and guidance as well. Managing your bond portfolio in these markets can be challenging. Every portfolio is different. For guidance that’s right for you, give our bond specialists a call.

Kathy Jones describes her team's approach to timely and actionable bond insights

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