The top three strategies that advisors can use right now to attract new clients, number one, know your uniqueness. Eighty percent of the reason that someone chooses to do business with you is you know you.  Talk about you.  Talk about the personality and the culture of the firm.  The second thing is to be able to prove-out your value. What is your value proposition?  Prove-out your fees.  Do you have… if somebody says, ‘Why am I paying this fee?’ or somebody says, ‘Why should I pay this fee?’  We better have a really great answer about all the value that we deliver in a way that’s memorable.  And the third thing is your online reputation.  How are you going to promote yourself when you’re not there?  Everyone is looking online.  People are going to Google you before they come in and see you. We know that this is true statistically.  So what are they going to see?  Google yourself, find out, and make sure that that’s updated.

Maribeth Kuzmeski, PhD, President, Red Zone Marketing

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