The RIA Benchmarking Study

With over 1,000 firms participating every year, the RIA Benchmarking Study is the largest of its kind in the industry for a reason. Firms that participate receive in-depth data and insights, customized to their business, and all at no cost.

If you participated in the 2023 RIA Benchmarking Study, look for your customized peer report this summer. If you completed the compensation section, look for your compensation report and access to the compensation tool soon after.


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    Curious how the industry fared? Take an interactive tour of the 2022 study's key insights and learn how firms are poised for growth.

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The largest study in the RIA industry is also the most respected—with good reason. Take a look back and see what's pushing firms forward.

Data to inform your critical decisions

Why does this firm consider the RIA Benchmarking Study an essential tool for their business? Because "the data points are critical to making good business decisions." Learn how they do it.

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The Benchmarking Study is a requirement in order to keep our business managed in an optimal way and growing as best we can.

Mike Amash with Westmount Asset Management

About the RIA Benchmarking Study
Schwab designed this study to capture insights in the registered investment advisor (RIA) industry based on survey responses from individual firms. The study provides information on topics such as asset and revenue growth, sources of new clients, products and pricing, staffing, compensation, marketing, technology, and financial performance. Since the inception of the study in 2006, more than 4,300 firms have participated with many repeat participants. Fielded from January to March 2022, the 2022 study contains self-reported data from 1,218 advisory firms that custody their assets with Schwab or TD Ameritrade and represents $1.8 trillion in assets under management, making this the leading study in the RIA industry. Schwab did not independently verify or validate the self-reported information. Participant firms represent various sizes and business models. They are categorized into seven peer groups by AUM size. The study is part of Schwab Business Consulting and Education, a practice management offering for RIAs. Grounded in the best practices of leading independent advisory firms, Business Consulting and Education provides insight, guidance, tools, and resources to help RIAs strategically manage and grow their firms.

Past performance is not an indicator of future results.