The key things to think about when you’re establishing your own RIA brand is to think about the look, which is, ‘Well, what logo are we going to have?’ ‘What’s the name of the firm?’  ‘What’s the colors that we’re going to use?’  ‘What is the website going to look like?’ ‘What pictures are we going to use?’  And then you get into the real meat of it, which is, ‘What’s our messaging going to be?’  ‘What are we actually going to say about our firm and talk about our firm in a consistent way?’  ‘What’s the mission?’  ‘What’s the vision?’  ‘What are our objectives?’ ‘How are we sharing this with clients?’ And then the third thing is to think about how you’re actually sharing your team message. What does this team do?  What is the intellectual capital of the team?  Because that really helps to have people understand, ‘Who is on this team?’ ‘What is the makeup of this team?’  ‘You used to be at this firm and now you’re on this independent firm.’ The credibility is the people within, so talk about that intellectual capital.

Maribeth Kuzmeski, PhD, President, Red Zone Marketing

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