Well, I think the first thing is to figure out is it marketing or is it sales? And those are two totally different things—sales/business development, and marketing.  Marketing is out there to get people to want to talk with you.  But when you’re actually selling someone, that’s the business development, when you’re actually getting them to want to do business with you face-to-face.

Marketing is designed to draw people in.  So if you’re looking at how you’re measuring your marketing, you’ve got to look at your social media analytics, which you can find easily on every social media site.  You look at your website and you can see your analytics:  Are people coming to your site?  Are they clicking on things?  If they’re not, we’ve got to fix those things. And if they are, we have to understand what they’re clicking on.  And then, overall, it’s asking your prospects when they come into the office, ‘How did you hear about us?’  When they call into the office, ‘Have you been on our website?  Did you look at our social media?’  Ask where they’ve been because then we can prove it out, because a lot of times we don’t know where they’ve been unless we’re actually asking and tracking that.

Maribeth Kuzmeski, PhD, President, Red Zone Marketing

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