The typical sort of statement that an advisor might say according to most websites that you look at is, ‘We work with individuals and families and businesses, helping them with financial planning and investment management.’ And that’s good, except for the fact that it doesn’t attract anyone, because the only thing that the person that you’re speaking to cares about is themselves. And so, for instance, if you’re talking to a business owner, instead of saying, ‘We work with everyone,’ or ‘We work with some business owners,’ give them some specifics, prove it out.  So here’s an example of one:  A financial says when he’s at a business function talking to business owners, they might say, ‘Well, what do you do?’  Instead of saying just, ‘I’m a financial advisor,’ you say, ‘I’m a financial advisor at XYZ Company. We specialize in working with business owners.  In fact, to-date, we’ve helped almost 60 business owners sell their business and move on to the next stage of their career.’ 

We’ve got to speak and think about that target audience, what do they want, and let’s tell them, if we do it, that we do it. And so it’s being very specific with the things that are important to them, because that leads that business owner to say, ‘Well, you’ve helped almost 60 people sell businesses?  How… how have you done that?  Tell me about that.  It’s very interesting.’ As opposed to, ‘I’m a financial advisor and we work with individuals and families and businesses.’  So be specific to the person you’re talking with.  

Maribeth Kuzmeski, PhD, President, Red Zone Marketing

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