Helping you tell your story through powerful new advertising

See how a new national advertising campaign helps high-net-worth investors understand the value in the independent advisor model.

Key Points

  • Investors trust independent financial advisors with over $4 trillion of their money1. That's some serious trust. Yet, many investors are still unaware of the advantages you offer. That’s why, five years ago, we launched RIA Stands for You—a national advertising campaign developed to educate high-net-worth investors about the benefits of working with you. And, that's also why we have just expanded the campaign in a major way.

Even with the incredible growth independent advisors have experienced, tremendous opportunity still exists in the marketplace, with nearly $23 trillion in affluent assets sitting outside of the independent channel2. We wanted to do more—and invest more—to help drive awareness and education about the value of your model and to help you go after that opportunity. With a four-fold increase in advertising spend, we have done just that. We have built on the success and momentum of RIA Stands for You and have evolved it to the next level with a new look and feel, a redesigned website, and advertising that puts you in the spotlight.

Advisor and investor insights provided a foundation

When developing the new campaign, we started by asking many of you how you articulate your value to your clients, because we know that nothing showcases the benefits of the independent model better than you and the story you tell. We also conducted extensive focus group testing with high-net-worth investors to better understand what they need, and expect, from a financial advisor. And, not surprisingly, their answers aligned closely with your values.

"Schwab supports independent advisors because they both do what’s right for the investor."
— Research participant

The investor research findings revealed:

  • The words "fiduciary," "trust," "accountability," and "commitment" resonated strongly with investors, along with the concept that independent advisors "serve, not sell".
  • Among high-net-worth investors, 93% ranked the fiduciary standard as the most important consideration in selecting a financial advisor3.
  • Investors are confused by the term "RIA", but the phrase "independent advisor" helped them more quickly understand the benefits of your model.
  • Investors hold their advisors to a high standard, and respond best to images of advisors that convey both a high degree of professionalism and personal warmth; additionally, investors tend to equate age with experience.
  • Of those investors surveyed, 75% said that seeing the Schwab brand made them more likely to consider an independent advisor4.

We leveraged these findings throughout the new campaign and focused on language and imagery that showcases you and the values you stand for; and that will cause an investor to stop, take notice, and want to learn more.

A comprehensive approach

The multiple components of this campaign work together to build greater awareness of the independent difference:

Advertising—Print and digital ads, as well as sponsored articles, will appear in Barron's, CNN Money, Forbes, the Economist, MarketWatch, the Wall Street Journal, and other media outlets that reach high-net-worth investors. The ads highlight independent advisors' focus on trust, accountability, commitment, and the fiduciary standard, and provide investors with reasons to consider an independent advisor.

Website—The advertising drives investors to This educational website (formerly has been updated and rebranded to reflect the new campaign, and contains all of the valuable resources that were on the old site including our online directory of independent advisors.

Marketing tools—We have updated a number of ready-made marketing materials that you can use to help educate investors about the value of working with an independent financial advisor.

Schwab believes in what you do and is focused on helping you showcase your commitment to act in your clients' best interests and to serve them without compromise. We are excited about the possibilities the new ad campaign will create for independent advisors.

View the tips below, and ask your Schwab Relationship Manager how you can make the most of the campaign.

Putting the campaign to work for you

You can use the campaign tools and resources in a multitude of ways to help spark conversations about the value an independent advisor can provide:

Amplify campaign messages in your marketing

  • Adopt the ideas from the ad campaign as conversation starters with investors and your centers of influence.
  • Weave the campaign keywords into your website copy to help you optimize your site.
  • Add a link from your website to the campaign website and post campaign brochures on your site to educate clients and prospects about the benefits of working with an independent financial advisor.

Enhance social media marketing activities
By positioning yourself as a source of helpful educational information, you can capitalize on peer-to-peer referrals.

  • Use the social icons on the campaign website to share a message about independent advisors on your LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook pages.
  • Tweet about the five key benefits of working with an independent advisor.
  • Take advantage of content on the site by repurposing it into bite-sized pieces through blogs and other social media channels you use.

Increase visibility and networking opportunities

  • Learn about being listed in the —the easier it is for investors to find you, the better it can be for your business.
  • Ask your centers of influence to visit the website and share it with their clients.
  • At events, position yourself as a resource by offering the marketing brochures and articles available on the campaign website, along with your firm's own materials.

Everything you need to take advantage of the campaign is located here. Log in with your existing Schwab Advisor Center® ID and password.

Campaign resources

Tools that help you show the value of independent advisors:

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