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Tapping into multigenerational talent

Submitted by chris.troutman on October 30, 2017
Explore the science behind generational differences to strengthen your emotional intelligence and help make you a better leader—and advisor to your clients.

Based on the work of developmental psychologists, collaboration expert Tammy Erickson delivers a 40-minute seminar on generational characteristics. She includes examples of common misunderstandings that may occur due to unique generational perspectives.

Key Points

  • Traditionalists – born 1928-1945. Joiners, loyal to institutions, respectful of authority.
  • Baby Boomers – born 1946-1960. Competitive, hard-working, anti-authority, idealistic.
  • Generation X – born 1961-1979. Self-reliant, distrustful of institutions, flexible.
  • Generation Y – born 1980-1995. Immediate, optimistic, digital native, family-centric.
  • Re-Generation – born after 1995. Informed, conservationist, pragmatic, wants to make a difference.
  • Common misunderstandings and how to tailor your messages by generation
  • How to make the most of your multigenerational workforce
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