Wanting More: Work-life balance

In the fourth episode of our podcast, learn how going independent can be emotionally—and financially—uplifting. Your clients aren't the only ones who benefit from more meaningful service.

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An investment advisor ushers their children out the door to take them to school.

At 41, Jesse Giordano was at the top of his career. But he didn't feel like it. He was no longer happy, and it was taking a toll on other relationships in his life. Then he co-founded an RIA firm and took back control.

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Read the transcript

Key takeaways

Defining success for yourself

Does your firm's definition of success match your own? What goals are incentivized? Are they the same as your clients'? Jesse and his business partners wanted to redefine success for themselves and align their actions with their clients' needs. That's how they gained the motivation to start their own business.

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Shifting from financial plan to life plan

After Jesse's hard realization that money and happiness are two very different things, he wanted to reflect that in his new firm. Financial strategies should fuel what matters most to clients. There should be clear goals tied to clients' finances. Jesse's firm has a life coach on staff who helps their clients realize their dreams. It's an important value-added service clients may find priceless.

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Building a firm you're proud of

Jesse and his team spent months planning. They made a wish list of what their ideal firm would look like. Each piece of the firm came together with care—including their marketing, platform, custodian, and talent strategies. They discovered a vast network of consultants, third-party vendors, and support from Schwab to navigate it all.

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