RIA Talent Advantage®

Recruiting Talent

Finding top people who have the skills and talent to implement your firm's business strategy is an ongoing process. Keep talent acquisition top of mind by focusing on long-term strategic growth, not just immediate hiring needs. Create a culture of recruitment and make the transition from a reactive to a proactive recruitment model.

Think beyond traditional candidate profiles when looking for the right skill set and cultural fit. An inclusive talent pool includes gender, age, and ethnic diversity, as well as applicants who have experience outside of financial services.

Get the tools and insights you need to enhance your recruitment strategy—that could help you stay ahead of the competition—with our Talent Advantage Program.

The RIA Channel Is Growing

The RIA industry is one of the fastest-growing segments in financial services:

  • $4T in assets1
  • $23T market opportunity.2

Optimize Your Recruitment Strategy

Explore four key phases of a successful recruitment process with actionable tips, insightful examples, and convenient forms and templates to help you source, select, and retain top candidates.

  1. Getting started
  2. Sourcing and screening candidates
  3. Interviewing and selecting candidates
  4. Onboarding and retention

RIA Summer Internship Program

At Schwab, we are committed to supporting the growth of the RIA industry by connecting the advisors of today with the talent of tomorrow. Schwab's RIA Summer Internship Program selects top candidates from colleges and universities from across the country to participate in an intern experience. If you custody with Schwab, you can leverage our RIA Intern Program Alumni Resume Book to help source your next hire. The alumni resume book lists individuals who have completed our intern program and are now actively seeking employment with RIA firms.

Learn more

Our RIA Talent Advantage® Recruitment Playbook offers more tips, tools, and resources on recruiting the right talent for your firm.


1. The Cerulli Report - U.S. Advisor Metrics, Market Sizing, 2019
2. Charles Schwab Strategy estimates, individual company financial reports, FDIC, ICI, Federal Research Flow of Funds, Cerulli Associates, and Discovery Database. Based on households with more than $500,000 in assets. All sources 2013. 

The RIA Talent Advantage® Program supports advisors with tools, resources, and networking opportunities to attract, develop, and retain diverse talent to serve investors.

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*This RIA Intern Program Resume Book ("Book") is intended solely for use by independent investment advisory firms that do business with Schwab Advisor Services®. The intern program is designed to help prepare college students for entry into RIA firms upon graduation, but provides no guarantees regarding the capabilities or suitability of alumni for employment. Please be aware of the following limitations:

-    Schwab does not make any representations or warranties concerning any of the interns listed in the Book, including and without limitation, the accuracy or completeness of their resumes or their ability to enter into or fulfill the requirements of any employment relationship.
-    Completion of the program does not confer any certificate, credential, or evaluation on the participating intern, and advisors should not construe their participation and listing in the Book as a recommendation to hire, an endorsement, or a sponsorship by Schwab.
-    You must decide whether to hire any employee and his or her appropriateness for you or your firm.
-    Schwab has not verified the information in any of the resumes and has not performed background checks or other due diligence on the interns with the intent that you rely on it. You should perform your own verifications.