Broad, deep integration capabilities

Submitted by jeremy.g.holland on January 23, 2019


John Connor, VP of Digital Advisor Solutions

Maximizing advisors' efficiency and choice 

So it's a really exciting time in the technology vendor landscape for RIAs. A lot of change with many, many entrants into the financial technology realm. So there's a lot more providers today than there were even five years ago. So it's really important for Schwab to partner and integrate directly with these third-parties so that our advisors have flexibility and choice in the technology that they use to run their firms. 

Services-first development method

As we look across the digital workflows that we're introducing, we're looking to make them available not just for our proprietary website on, but at the same time make them available to our third-party community so that our advisors have flexibility and choice in how they use these workflows, whether it be through our own website or through third-party providers that they use to run their business.

Let me give you a great example where efficiencies can come about from our digital strategy and roadmap. Many advisors live in their CRM and often it's a third-party CRM. You'll have the ability to change an address or send a service request to your service team directly from where you live all day long, and your operational processes in the CRM go directly into the Schwab platform without having to find your ID, your password, and your credentials for our website, all including the status coming back to let you know what's going on with your requests. It's very exciting efficiencies that are all coming out right now in the next 12 months.

Secure, high-quality integration

There's a lot of talk in the industry around open integration and APIs. At Schwab, our third-party integration offers include APIs through carefully vetted partners, because security and quality is very important to us. As we gain new partners, we want to make it as easy as possible to use our services and our capabilities. So that's the open part to our integration, but we're very focused still on security and quality. 

Dedicated support for your team 

We provide a massive amount of support and people in the process of onboarding and ongoing support with our third-party community and the many advisors who integrate directly with us, as well as into the Schwab platform. We have a whole team available and a relationship management team available to talk strategically about our roadmap, to get resources lined up, to make sure that everybody knows what we have coming out, and we also help developers in the third-party community and with the advisor firm to develop into our APIs and into our integration suite. 

We know that third-party integration is important for you to run your practice. We'd love to hear from you about providers who interest you, capabilities that could benefit from digital integration. Please, reach out to us, call us.

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