Intentional growth, one client at a time

Submitted by lina.zuluaga on February 14, 2019

Pam Evason, Managing Director, Windermere Wealth Advisors, shares how her firm's intentional approach to growth is guided by their customer philosophy.


Being an investment advisor, the independent model means everything to our firm. It's at the very foundation of who we are. I love that the Schwab brand resonates with our clients. You know, when we tell them who our custodian is, and what a custodian means, and tell them that it's Schwab, they all say, 'Oh, I know that. I know those ads. You know, I've talked to Chuck,' whatever it is that they say. And Schwab has been fantastic, both from that brand recognition with clients, but then also from the interaction they have with us as advisors.

We're a small, two-advisor firm, and so by virtue of that, you know, every task has to be done by one of the two of us. And so I do a little bit of everything, but I think where our passion lies and where we try to leverage our time is with those one-on-one discussions with clients.

I think typically people's approach is, you know, work, save, invest, work, save, invest on repeat until they reach a certain point where they hope that they can retire. And we really said to our clients, 'Let's take a step back, let's decide what milestones you're working towards, whether it's a specific date to get married, or have kids, or retire,' as I like to tell them, 'you're investing with intention, you know where you're going, and then we can measure our progress along the way.'

Financial planning software has been a game-changer for us because it gives them context. They know where they're going and so they can determine if that path's the right one for them. That's how we're approaching growth on a go-forward basis, you know, to have those discussions, to look people in the eye, and see if we are a good mutual fit.

We tell our story, we share the change we're seeking to make in the world. Take clients that view wealth as a source of uncertainty and fear and apprehension, and change them in to people that view wealth as a source of opportunity and empowerment the way that we view wealth in our lives.

The average consumer approaching an advisor, I believe is seeking someone that'll sit down next to them and let them know they're not alone, let them know that they can tell their financial narrative and the story they're telling themselves about money to someone, and then get real, independent advice to guide them down that path. And that's what we're really trying to do, one client at a time, walk beside them on their financial journey.

And the use of financial planning really helps us do that, right, it helps us dive deeper. I like to say it's the third or fourth why. You know, 'Oh, I want to earn 5%.' 'Well why?' 'Well, because I want to change careers' 'Well why?' 'Because I've never been happy in the current career I'm in, and I've been doing it for 20 years and I deserve more.' It's those conversations that financial planning allows us to get to. Once we were able to integrate more of a goals-based financial planning tool, and one that they could log in to online, and, you know, do interactive scenarios, and see in a real easy-to-understand way, that really was a big change…and it's really resonating with clients.


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Pam Evason, Managing Director, Windermere Wealth Advisors, shares how her firm's intentional approach to growth is guided by their customer philosophy.

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