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Submitted by robert.f.davis on February 14, 2018

Jason Clague:
At Schwab, we work to make investing more affordable and accessible for everyone. When it comes to the bond markets, they are large and often complex. The same bond can be offered by a number of dealers at very different prices. It can be daunting to try and find the right investment at the right price.

Jason Clague:
We know how important it is for investors to have convenient access to a broad selection of fixed income products designed to help them achieve their goals. Our trading platform, Schwab Bond Source, uses open architecture. That means we’re connecting to multiple trading platforms to bring you access to thousands of new issue and secondary bond offerings from more than 200 dealers. Schwab’s Bond Source offers one-stop shopping for a wide selection of bonds and CDs.

Jason Clague:
To help you make informed decisions, we offer access to professional analysis, including market commentary, bond ratings, and credit reports. And our user-friendly bond search makes it easier to find the right bond.

Jason Clague:
As I mentioned, the same bond can be offered at different prices. While you can see every price available to us, we make it simple by automatically presenting you with the lowest price. You can shop with confidence, knowing that you’re getting the best price available to Schwab.

Jason Clague:
We have agreements in place with major underwriters to provide you with access to new issue bonds. This includes new issue corporate bonds which, for the most part, have only been available to institutional investors. Whether you’re interested in municipal bonds, corporate bonds, or treasuries, call our bond specialist team to take advantage of our unique platform for your bond investing needs.

Jason Clague discusses Schwab’s convenient and broad access to bonds

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