Your Schwab Team

Submitted by Marc.Jones on October 17, 2019


Your Schwab Team

The growth and maturity of the RIA industry over the years has really brought increased levels of sophistication, complexity, and specialization. It's just extremely important through this growth that we're evolving and really pivot to meet our advisors' needs and provide a great advisor experience for them on their day to day needs, or through the account management function where we're providing advisors a deeper level of business support or even beyond, you know, service and account management, what I refer to as our advisor insights work.  That's understanding what their ongoing challenges are, what their opportunities are, and how we can add value to their business.

My day to day tasks are answering calls from our financial advisors, making sure that they have the correct answers to any questions they may have, and if I'm not able to answer, finding an answer for them or finding someone who can help them. They call one number and they get the help that they need from anyone on our team.

We rely on each other. If there is something that is specific, you know, like an alternative investment question, I can go to that person that specializes in that and get the assistance needed. We pride ourselves on making sure that they get the level of help that they want the first time they call.

My role is to work in tandem with the partners to help add value to our advisors' businesses, and deliver the support and resources that they need to achieve their goals as a firm. 

I love being able to have conversations about their business and the ways that Schwab can help, ways that I can help. I feel like I can affect real change with an advisor and the relationship they have with Schwab.

The collaborative culture is great because we gain a lot of efficiencies that we can then pass on to our advisors. We have both our service team and our support team standing by to handle a lot of the incoming requests that we get. Those efficiencies that we gain translate into just a smoother and more seamless experience for the advisors.

What I love most about what I do is the opportunity to interact with so many different advisors, getting to learn with them, so, you know, when an advisor comes to me with a unique request, that's very exciting to me to help find a solution.

We've now centralized the operational work, and we call it the Workflow Solutions team. And they're focused on our advisors every day, whether it's around account maintenance issues, money movement processing and escalations, along with a myriad of other account maintenance requests.

We take care of our clients, for example, the MoneyLink requests, IRA distribution, check request overnight, journal request, things like that.

The greatest rewards that I have at my job in what I do every day is being able to complete difficult cases for our advisors, being able to put the client first.

Schwab has been the leading custodian and champion of advisors for over 30 years, and we have continually evolved alongside of you, our advisors, and your clients. We will focus on providing that great level of business support so that we can continue to be successful in the future together.

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