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Give your firm a digital jumpstart

Digital tools offer a simpler, faster, and safer way to support clients and manage your business. In fact, top performing firms are more likely to use digital tools to manage client service1. Let us help you make the transition to an easy, efficient, and secure experience.


Schwab Alliance makes digital transitions easy for you and your clients

It all begins with Schwab Alliance. The online and mobile platform makes it easy for your clients to securely engage with their accounts and approve requests initiated by you—wherever they are. Once they have enrolled, your team can manage client requests without paper or the need to chase down signatures and send follow-up emails. Schwab's digital tools and resources will help you, your firm, and your clients save time and reduce the risk of fraud.

View our product sheet and watch this video to learn more about Schwab Alliance features.

Get your team and clients ready

Shifting from paper-based operations to a more automated approach can be a big change. Your team and clients need support that's tailored to their technology experience and mindset. Here's how to get everyone ready.

Empower employees with education

Empower employees with education

  • Explore our Planning guide to see best practices for identifying clients who are not yet enrolled in Schwab Alliance along with tips and sample communications for making the process as easy as possible.
  • View our Schwab Alliance Support Guide and visit RIA EdCenter to review online training resources that can help you learn about all the features of Schwab Alliance and other digital tools. 
  • Explore the Client Learning Center, an easy-to-use site that shows your clients how to use Schwab Alliance to engage with their account and approve requests initiated by you. To help introduce the Client Learning Center, we also created a companion guide that you can use to provide an interactive walk through of the site's most important features. 
  • Take advantage of complimentary one-on-one consultations to help your firm and clients use Schwab Alliance. Contact your service team to make an appointment with our digital experts.
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Consider the best way to engage clients

Most clients are already engaging with digital platforms, and with your expertise, they can access Schwab's digital tools and partner resources to make the most of their opportunities. Read more about how other advisors have paved the way for their firm and clients.

  • Explore our tech insights page to get perspective from advisors and Schwab technology leaders

Give new clients a better welcome

We want you to give new clients the best possible experience from day one. Schwab Alliance technology can make it easy to complete the onboarding process quickly and securely, and set them up for success moving forward

Offer a paperless account opening

Our digital onboarding capabilities on Schwab Advisor Center® gives you the ability to open, set up and fund client accounts in a single, fully digital experience. The streamlined workflow allows you to automatically populate client information using data from Schwab or third-party platforms, enroll clients in Schwab Alliance, and share the application so your clients can approve it electronically.

Review our step-by-step guide

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Create digital-first practices

Once your clients are enrolled in Schwab Alliance, help them understand how you'll work together to support their ongoing needs. The Client Learning Center can help your clients learn to use Schwab's technology to access account information, approve requests, and make simple account updates. The platform also provides important cybersecurity information about how clients can safeguard their account data and assets. 

Go to the Client Learning Center

Streamline account management

Support your existing clients by using our digital tools efficiently and securely to move money, add beneficiaries, and more.

Help existing clients go digital

  • Enroll existing clients in Schwab Alliance by sending them a request through the Profile section of Schwab Advisor Center. 
  • Share the enrollment guide for easy step-by-step instructions.
  • Help clients keep their contact information up to date, so they can easily complete approvals in minutes.
  • Let clients know that they'll be approving most requests electronically in the future, to reduce delays and fraud risks. 
  • Share the Schwab Alliance video with your clients to give them an overview or contact your service team to set up an appointment to review the features together.
  • Explore the Schwab Alliance Support Guide, designed to help you better understand your clients' experience, answer common questions, and guide them through approving requests.
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Use secure, guided workflows to move money and more

  • Use Schwab Advisor Center to process money movement requests and make account updates whenever possible. Visit RIA EdCenter or attend a Schwab Advisor Center overview training webcast to learn more about using Schwab Advisor Center features.
  • Clients can quickly open additional accounts using digital onboarding or eSignature capabilities.
  • Use our integration with third-party solutions such as CRM or portfolio management systems to quickly populate information and reduce data entry errors. 
  • Learn more about our digital tools and educational resources that can help you and your clients by exploring our quick-start your digital education guide.

Need help? Schwab subject matter experts can answer your questions at our weekly webinar series, Schwab's digital tools best practices.


1. Top-performing firms are those that rank in the top 20% of the Firm Performance Index. The index evaluates all firms in the study according to 15 metrics to arrive at a holistic assessment of each firm’s performance across key business areas.

Schwab Advisor Services™ includes the custody, trading, and support services of Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. (“Schwab"), a registered broker-dealer and member SIPC, and the technology products and services of Performance Technologies, Inc. (“PTI”). PTI and Schwab are separate companies affiliated as subsidiaries of The Charles Schwab Corporation, but their products and services are independent of each other. PTI’s integration solutions integrate data about accounts custodied at Schwab.

API integration is available through Schwab OpenView Gateway®, which is provided by PTI. Single sign-on is provided by PTI. Daily data files and trading integration are available through Schwab. Schwab OpenView Gateway® and Schwab OpenView MarketSquare™ are services of PTI. 

Schwab Advisor Center is a product of Schwab. Schwab Alliance is a website of Schwab for the exclusive use of clients of advisors who custody assets with Schwab. Requires a wireless signal or mobile connection.

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