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Use Human Capital to Meet Growth Goals

Submitted by jib.butterworth on August 4, 2017

Take advantage of proven strategies and practical guidance to accomplish long-term organizational goals, sustain growth and help manage your firm's most valuable asset — your employees.

Resources to Inform & Implement Organizational Goals

Through our Human Capital offer, you can make better-informed decisions and implement a disciplined strategy that helps support your long-term organizational goals and facilitates the efficient management of employees. You have access to:

  • The Human Capital offer provides access to best practices, tools and resources, including practical how-to guides and sample tactics to help you define job roles, write job descriptions, interview candidates and hire new employees, as well as plan and design compensation, career and succession plans.
  • The Compensation Benchmarking Tool, which provides a starting point to determine fair compensation for employees based on their role and contribution to your firm. The tool offers access to compensation data specific to industry, geography, firm type and position for more than 20 RIA-specific job titles.
  • The Career Opportunity Service, an online database designed to help advisors find experienced, qualified employees. It can be a key resource for financial services professionals searching for job opportunities in the RIA industry.

Best Practices You Can Apply to Help Meet Objectives

We help you use best practices to build an organization and team that can deliver on your vision for success:

  • Organizational strategy for building a scalable organizational framework that defines roles and accountability and aligns with your evolving business goals.
  • Capacity planning for measuring availability relative to service delivery, pinpointing inefficiencies, and determining current and future staffing needs.
  • Support developing a proactive, systematic approach to attracting and hiring top talent.
  • Compensation planning for defining your firm's compensation philosophy, including salary, benefits, incentive programs and ownership guidelines for each position and links to individual performance and firm goals.
  • Retention programs that foster employee satisfaction, including career-path development and ongoing performance management.
  • Succession planning for nurturing future leaders and developing a plan for the smooth transition of your business to the next generation.