Streamlining your account management experience

Submitted by john.lee on August 27, 2018


Andrew Salesky, SVP of Digital Advisor Solutions

Our goal is to make every interaction you have with us simple, easy and efficient. We're building a best-in-class custodial experience that reduces the need for paper, and extending our unique capabilities to the broad range of third-party technology providers that advisors value most. 

Latest platform enhancements

To achieve this, we're excited to deliver two new account management features that integrate with the tools you and your clients already use. With our new digital account open tool, you can open a new account for their clients in as little as 10 minutes, or initiate a change of address, without the need to print and submit account paperwork. 

Securely open accounts in minutes Schwab's new account open tool supports a fully digital experience, including advisor set up and end client eAuthorization. During the account open process, available client information is automatically pre-populated, helping to dramatically reduce errors and the resulting re-work. Advisors can bundle their documents in the same digital envelope and access an archive of completed transactions. 

Fast, paperless address change

Similar to our new account open process, requests to change an address can be securely approved by your client from their computer, or with a few taps on their mobile device. This process is also available for key transactions, including TOAs, journals and check requests.

Broad, deep integration capabilities

We know you rely on a lot of non-Schwab technologies in your office, so we are committed to enhancing and expanding our integrations with the providers you depend on. And we're going beyond data integration. For example, third-party vendors are already beginning to integrate our new digital account open feature so you can access it through their platform. 

And, underlying all these platform changes are Schwab's industry-leading security standards, to help protect you and your clients' sensitive data and transactions. This is another example of our ongoing commitment to advance our technology platform on your behalf, delivering experiences that help you put your clients first.

Part 1: Our technology strategy, evolved to reflect the vendor landscape

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