Offer Clients Quality Products

Submitted by Dan.Benson on October 3, 2017

You have access to an array of quality financial products from Schwab and Schwab Bank and other companies, along with specialists to help you evaluate them, so you can offer your clients what they need.

Equities, Exchange-Traded Products and Mutual Funds
Choose from a wide range of individual securities, including equities, traded online and backed by a dedicated trading team, ETFs-Trade any Exchange Traded Fund that can act as a core building block for diversified portfolios and Mutual Funds which are a cost-effective choice for clients seeking investment diversity and simplicity.

Fixed Income
Great choices to help meet your client's capital preservation and income goals. Fixed income products are traded on a robust online platform and backed by a dedicated trading team.

Managed Accounts and TAMPS Platform
Managed Account Platform helps you provide high-net-worth clients access to a broad range of money managers and investment strategies, without administrative burden. Tamps enable you to outsource time-intensive functions, like manager research, portfolio construction, and performance reporting, so you can focus on cultivating client relationships.

Cash Management
Access to a wide spectrum of cash investments, products and services designed to offer a combination of competitive returns, easy access and efficient cash management to help balance portfolio risk.

Alternative Investments
Alternative Investments custody policies allow clients to hold many alternative investments in their accounts. These include both alternative assets (those that are not stocks, bonds, or cash) and alternative investment strategies which help client diversification potential.

Schwab Advisor Choice Variable Annuity™
Schwab Advisor Choice Variable Annuity™ is specifically designed to help Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) meet the needs of their clients. It offers RIA clients a flexible, low-priced variable annuity with the option to protect their retirement income.

Schwab Charitable
Help clients with their charitable giving and legacy through a Schwab Charitable account—a tax-smart investment account with funds dedicated to charity.

Lending Products From Schwab Bank

Competitive rates and low costs on a range of mortgage and lending products. Options include mortgages and home equity lines of credit from Schwab Bank’s home lending program provided by Quicken® Loans®, and a Pledged Asset Line® from Schwab Bank.